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Restate the essay questions, again showing that you read and understood the questions and discussed them throughout the essay. Any changes she makes will help you learn how best to structure your work and master grammar, spelling and punctuation rules. During the exam you will only have 45 minutes to complete this section.

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Pay special attention to punctuation, such as the use of commas and periods.

Focus on the spellings and definitions of unfamiliar words and the use of verbs and adjectives and how they enhance sentences by providing the reader with a visual description of what you are discussing.

The first couple of sentences give you a chance to be creative as you grab the test graders' attention.

End the introduction by restating the essay prompt in your own words, as this is the best way to ensure you stay on topic.

Use our practice GED essay topics to help perfect your writing skills!

For a more in-depth view of extended responses, check out the RLA Guide for Adult Educators.An example might be choosing your favorite hobby and discussing how it benefits you.The questions are both general and personal, and the test graders will be most interested in how you present your essay not your content. During the exam, you will have scrap paper, so while you are practicing, write points you want to discuss on paper, ensuring that every point talks about the topic.This is a complete overview of how to write a GED essay, as well as how the essay will be scored.Guidelines are given so that you can follow as closely as possible to a real testing situation.This will improve both your writing ability and your confidence on test day. Some of the best writers read every day, as this helps expand their vocabulary and understand basic sentence structure.Read a variety of genres, including novels and short articles.Use the points you wrote on your scrap paper to create the body of your essay.You are essentially telling a story, and all stories have a beginning, middle and end, so ensure that your points have a logical flow.If your favorite hobby is softball, do not worry about whether the graders like softball or find it interesting. If there are several questions within the essay prompt, include several points for each question.The essay outline you create at this point will serve as the rough draft for the body of your essay. The introduction serves two main purposes -- to draw the reader into the piece with a quote, anecdote, fact or some other interesting point and to tell the reader exactly what you will be discussing throughout the rest of the essay.


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