Writing A Science Paper

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If you want to quote more than two authors, you can write the last name of the first writer followed by the Latin abbreviation "et al." that stands for "and others."If you use more than one source written by one author and published in the same year, you should make them distinguishable by adding 'a,' 'b,' 'c,' etc. It should be written in the alphabetic order or based on a number of the publication.

While citing references, you can use one of these formats: If you are going to cite a quotation comprising more than 4 lines, make sure it stands out from the rest of the text by using single-spaced lines and narrower margins.

When citing two authors, you should mention both of them, separating their last names with the "and" conjunction. At the end of every paper, the author should provide the reference list which includes all the references cited in the paper.

Let's get down to what parts of a scientific paper are considered common in the academic circles: This is the most common scientific research paper format.

Let's elaborate on what each of the abovementioned parts should include.

First, we should define what a scientific paper abstract is.

Writing A Science Paper

It is a summary of the whole research project, which includes the aim of the experiment, method, findings, and results.The whole work should be succinct and to the point.If you want to succeed in reporting the research, remember that you should not overstate and underestimate your work.If you want people to read your work all the way through, you should learn how to write an introduction for a scientific paper in a captivating and enticing manner.It is one of the most essential and responsible parts because it should persuade the reader to proceed with reading and explain to them what the article is about.It goes without saying that the information taken from other papers should be written in quotation marks and the source should always be acknowledged.Failure to do so may result in the information being considered as plagiarism.To make it more interesting, you can answer such questions: What is unique in your approach? Consider mentioning it at the beginning of the paragraph because the reader begins judging it from the very first sentence.Don't forget to include the part where you talk about all the books you've gone through - the evaluators love to see the researchers pay tribute to previous explorations on the topic.It isn't complicated to write this type of article if you know the structure and necessary requirements.A scientific paper should contain the abstract, the introduction paragraph, the method, results and discussion, and the conclusion.


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