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For example, when the Beast releases Belle as his prisoner, he gives her the freedom to truly love him.It is only through this relinquishing, that Belle can understand her true feelings.The beast is surprised that when we touched she didn't shudder at my paw, and Belle is taken aback he's no Prince Charming but there's something in him that I simply didn't see.

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Instead, you can hold out, find a person with whom your souls connect, and live happily ever after.

There is also a trace of the if you truly love them, let them go, and if they love you too, they will come back theme present in this movie.

This movie also expresses distaste for interpellation in the sense that it expresses the acceptance of things not of the norm.

It basically says that you do not have to settle for the town football hero, just because you are the cheerleader.

A different way society tries to a person or a persons life is by giving them a name.

By naming a person, the parent is predetermining their child to answer and identify with that name.

Aunt Millicent clearly thinks that Wendy will believe that possessing woman-like qualities will make her want to act more grown up and that possessing a hidden kiss that belongs to someone else will begin Wendys search for a respectable husband.

She addresses the problems of Wendys need for adventure and desire to become a novelist, neither of which will do for a young lady in high society.

Her personality is one of strength, open-mindedness, and abundant love.

Throughout her story, Belle is faced with opposition and obstacles that push her to define and think about who she is.


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