Why Education Is Important Essay In Urdu

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Opportunity to make a decent livelihood: Education provides a platform for a decent livelihood.

One can take up a job in industry or another professional service if he is educated.

Many people of middle and lower income groups have a better lifestyle through proper education.

They can meet the technical skills required to land a high pay job. Communication includes speech, signs, gestures and even body language.

He can communicate with the large audience by writing in newspapers, letters and video recordings.

Many poets, authors are renowned and famous worldwide due to their ability to influence people.It also helps in day to day activities like banking, shopping and money transaction.Without primary education, one has to rely on others for all the above basic needs.2.Even use of social networking sites requires minimal basic education.So education helps us use technology in the better way.7.A person’s education starts at school, then going to college and finally ends with a degree or PG.This enables them to take up some related professional work in the future. Ability to read & write: Education helps a person to be able to read and write. He can read books, newspapers and signs and symbols.Most of the information is communicated by writing. He can understand others views and experiences to add to his knowledge.It also helps read signboards in the street, at shops, bus, train and air stations.Use of technology: The food production, medicine, electronic gadgets, automobiles and other luxury items were developed due to the spread of science and technology among the professionals through studies.So, without basic education, it would be difficult for one to use gadgets of modern technology.


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