What Would I Do If I Had A Million Dollars Essay

What Would I Do If I Had A Million Dollars Essay-66
Jude’s Children’s Research Center, to the places that really need the support.Let me start out with the World Health Organization.With the high cost of the initial tickets for the flight, you are sure to bump elbows with some of Hollywood’s elite and some of the most powerful people on the planet for your efforts.

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Following are the Top 10 Things To Buy With A Million Dollars.

Ever just wanted to go into all the high end clothing stores and electronics shops and just get anything and everything that you have ever wanted for your home? There is nothing quite as freeing as not being constrained by the knowledge of your dwindling bank account.

The other half often has several vacation homes all over the world, but even just something as modest as a beach house that you have paid off and could use for vacationing at any time of the year might be enough to completely change a person’s life in a dramatic way.

If you don’t necessarily go and purchase the single greatest beach house that is for sale, you might yourself with a decent chunk of that initial 1 million dollars still in your possession to completely furnish it and pay for all of its utilities for years to come. Not to mention that you could even rent out this house to others throughout the times that you are not there for a weekly rate, offering you tens of thousands of dollars every year thereafter its purchase.

When all of the biggest celebrities are looking for creative ways to spend their excessive money, chances are a yacht is one of those things that will inevitably cross their mind.

These huge luxury vessels are a status symbol to say the least, and if you had a million dollars and no real need for the other items on this list, than a yacht is certainly something you might be considering as well.You can finally get all of the clothes that you wished you could afford, an entire wardrobe of all the best brands and the latest fashion for every season that you will encounter.Who doesn’t just love looking the very best that they can and getting a new lease on life by just classing up their wardrobe a bit?For car enthusiasts, this isn’t a run of the mill sedan.No what the person who has a newly acquired expensive taste is after is the exotic sports car.Even if you never took it out of port, there is something alluring just about hanging out on a yacht that you can call your own.Might want to hold off on hiring a crew to man the vessel just yet, you only have a single million dollars after all.I’d want my donation to provide homes for the homeless; more Bibles would be available to the spiritually hungry; and clothing, footwear, and food could be given to those who lack these necessities. I’d want my donation to help cover the costs of medicine, which would help the millions of sick and injured kids recover and have a second chance in life. However, if it helps the millions of needy children and adults around the world, it’s worth the hard work.People often fantasize about what they would do if they ever came into a large sum of money.No one likes having to get up every day and going to work, and if managed correctly, a million dollars by itself could easily ensure that you never have to go work a normal job ever again.Of course it might require you to avoid making other purchases like what you will find on this list, but maybe this is one of the most rewarding things out of it all that you can buy throughout this whole list: your employment freedom.


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