Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing

Interpretation is an important part of critical analysis, and you should not just rely on the evidence 'speaking for itself'.

For each point that you make in your essay, you need to support it with evidence.

There are many different kinds of evidence, and the type you use will depend on what is suitable for your subject and what the essay question is asking you to do.

You will get many more marks for showing you can answer the question in a controlled and focused way than you will for an unordered list of everything you know about a topic.

Put yourself in the reader's position – can they follow the points you are making clearly?

In other cases, you might choose to use the third person, for example "It can be argued" instead of "I would argue".

It's worth checking with your marker how they feel about you using the first person - for instance, it may be more appropriate in a humanities essay than a science one.Shorter sentences are usually clearer than long complex ones, but make sure it is a whole sentence and not just a clause or phrase.Your argument is your reasoned answer to the essay question, supported by evidence.Use plain language - you don't have to search for a more "academic-sounding" word when a simple one will do.Markers are looking for clear and accurate expression of ideas, not jargon or confusing language.It is better to be more measured and tie your argument to precise examples or case studies.Use counter-arguments to your advantage – if you find viewpoints that go against your own argument, don't ignore them.However, it's worth taking some time to check it over.Markers often comment that more time spent on editing and proofreading could have really made a difference to the final mark.It strengthens an argument to include an opposing viewpoint and explain why it is not as convincing as your own line of reasoning.You might have had enough of your work by now, and be hoping to just hand it in!


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