Usability Testing Research Paper

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While this may not have to matter if you actually do manage to latch your project with the perfect niche—for example, you get a bunch of employees from a games manufacturer to test your game—the risk is great that if too many are from one industry and your design isn’t fully aligned with them as users, they’ll tend to analyze the design based on their industry know-how.That will cause a slanted view of your work’s functionality and its ability to please.

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If you want to do user research that is effective, you’ll need to recruit participants who represent your (potential) users.

These participants should possess characteristics found in your eventual customers – the people in your target group.

In contrast, if you are developing a new and complex system for a specific group of workers in a company, you would need either to take a sample of these eventual users or to identify the skills and responsibilities necessary for this role and try to find an equivalent group from another source.

In that case, recruitment can take a while because the pool of potential participants is smaller.

Many products and services have a variety of different user types or groups, so you need to recruit a range of research participants so as to tap into these variations.

Usability Testing Research Paper

Ideally, time and budget permitting, when dealing with a product with multiple user groups, you should do research with each group separately.This requires knowledge of the target users and the context under investigation, so the recruitment team will need to gather information before recruitment begins.You should recruit participants who represent your target group/end users.Specific criteria for your research participants, e.g.if they should use certain social media, depend on your project and the type of research you are doing.On the other hand, you don’t want to add criteria that might make it difficult to recruit participants, at least not unless you really have to.The more specific the criteria you have, the more effort you must put into recruiting, so you should carefully consider the necessity of each criterion.If the employees feel they must say positive things because they know you or if they know too much about the product, the research sessions will probably fail to yield the desired results.Another risk is déformation professionnelle – a phenomenon that arises when so many testers from one profession come into contact with an item they must judge.Often, you just need to recruit participants who represent your primary target group and you don’t have to cover every corner case you can think of.Your actual usership is likely to end up involving more than just a few unexpected types of users, anyway.


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