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UC also takes a slightly different approach to the essay, instead posing eight Personal Insight Questions (PIQs).In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about responding to UC’s PIQs and boosting your chances of admission!

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Perhaps you’ve been in charge of a specific task, acted as a mentor to others, or taken the lead role in a project.

A leadership experience could also mean resolving a dispute “at your school, church, in your community or an organization.”It could be something outside of school as well, like helping out or taking care of your family.

As mentioned above, PIQs are Personal Insight Questions – these are the UC essay prompts.

On UC’s website, the university states that the purpose of these questions is “getting to know your personality, background, interests, and achievements in your own unique voice.”The eight Personal Insight Questions read as follows:1.

And how does this play a role in your personality, outlook, decisions, or goals?

Start by defining your brand of “creativity.”UC explains that this is the time to share a talent or skill you’re proud of, even if it isn’t one for which you’ve been recognized or awarded.These mistakes include: UC clarifies that “leadership experience” is a broad term.You don’t have to have an official title to be a leader.Here, you’re either detailing an educational opportunity you’ve taken advantage of or an educational barrier you’ve overcome.With both of these approaches, you should be revealing both your commitment to education and your strength of character.Don’t wait until the last minute and end up submitting work that isn’t your best. Luckily, UC is extremely open about their application and admission process.The university has provided a wide variety of tips about responding to the PIQs.It’s known for pioneering innovations and its unique ten-campus system.When it comes to admissions, UC’s application is just as unique as the university itself.As with the term “leadership experience,” UC is using a broad definition of “creativity” here. Creativity can be expressed through anything you make or generate, even an idea or theory that didn’t exist before.Basically, UC is asking how you express creativity in your life.


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