Two Basic Organizational Methods For Compare And Contrast Essays

Two Basic Organizational Methods For Compare And Contrast Essays-12
On that paragraph, you’re going to directly compare object A and object B.Have you ever been accused of comparing apples to oranges and wondered what that meant?"); view.document.write("Here are your thoughts on this writer's method of organization:"); view.document.write(document.value); view.document.write(""); view.document.write("In the first sentence, "they" refers to all the women.

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There’s more to it than that kind of simple, spontaneous writing.

Comparison and contrast essay writing is done with a plan. Every kind of essay, not just the comparison and contrast essay, need to have an outline before it becomes a good essay piece.

There are two classic comparison and contrast essay writing style you: the block arrangement and the alternating arrangement.

The two styles are further explained in the next two paragraphs.

Rachel has, and now her English teacher is asking for a compare and contrast essay.

Understanding what a compare and contrast essay is makes it much easier to write one!An essay is a way of organizing writing to support or prove a point, called the thesis.The most common essay structure discussed in schools is the five paragraph essay.In using the block arrangement, you’re going to describe each of the two things you’re comparing (object A and object B) in two separate paragraphs.You’re going to make statements about object A to form a single paragraph.It is better to have too much information and need to be selective, than having too little to say.Look for subjects that could have interesting, unusual, or unexpected similarities and differences.Most people simply use the word 'compare' when they mean both compare and contrast but the two words actually have specific, separate, and opposite meanings.A good compare and contrast essay engages the reader by showing how these points enrich the way we think about the two subjects.An outline allows you to organize your ideas so that you can present them in a clear and coherent manner.While you make your outline, you have to think which style of arrangement you’re going to use.


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