Training And Development Assignment

Ever come across an assignment that simply makes you repeat the module, in your own words?Or ever attempted an assignment that makes you look for resources beyond the course? Why do you think assignments like these did not work?

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If you want learners to internalize their newly acquired information, develop assignments that encourage them to reflect and synthesize.

Adult learners bring with them amazing experiences and knowledge.

Assignments are tricky to create but with the aid of the checklist in this article, you can be confident in your design.

Assignments that are challenging and demand exploration beyond the scope of the course add excitement.

Distribute grades according to the degree of excellence demonstrated in the assignment. Definitely clear evidence of all learning goal components of the assignment.

What is the criteria for “Good”, “Fair” and “Satisfactory”?Assignments reinforce learning and development goals. They clarify complex concepts by articulating observations and learning with real-world context.Assignments create meaningful learning experiences. The trick here is to create the right assignments’ questions.Bridging the gap between planning and implementation :-Plans made by companies expect people to achieve certain targets within certain time limit with certain quality for this employee performance has to be accurate and perfect.Training helps in achieving accuracy and perfection.Training is defined by Wayne Cascio as “training consists of planed programs undertaken to improve employee knowledge, skills, attitude, and social behavior so that the performance of the organization improves considerably.”The purpose of training and development can be explained as follows.Improving quality of work force :–Training and development help companies to improve the quality of work done by their employees. There by improving the quality of work in that area.We ensured that learners know how to apply the learning goals in a problem situation provided in the assignment.We also ensured that learning goals are achieved in the assignment.Each degree of performance reflects the degree of learning goals achieved in the assignment.With this grade allocation exercise, you can be assured that you have linked your assignment with learning goals.


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