Tornadoes Essay

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Many tornadoes are small, less than 100 feet wide, and last only a few minutes.

A few monster tornadoes are a mile wide or larger, and can last for an hour or more.

This cooling condenses water vapor in the air into the tornado’s familiar funnel-shaped cloud.

As the swirling winds picks up dust, dirt, and debris from the ground, the funnel turns even darker.

Being prepared for a tornado now could save ones life in the future.

Tornadoes are strong, spinning columns of air that can form from a thunderstorm.

Tornadoes are measured by the Fujita-Pearson Tornado Scale.

They range anywhere from a F-0, being the weakest to a F-5 being the strongest.

The strongest tornadoes come from the kind of long-lasting fierce thunderstorms known as supercells.

As the name implies, these are intense thunderstorms, which can produce large hail and downbursts in addition to tornadoes.


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