Thesis On Wlan Security

Thesis On Wlan Security-76
The list of wireless applications at my disposal each day is vast and varied.

The research involved an experiment that consisted of two PCs with Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 operating systems and one AP (Access Point).

The performance was evaluated through the application of four different test cases.

Wireless has also provided a host of new services just within the past two decades.

First there was the transmission of exact time over radio waves, then the ability to determine where you were to within a few meters, anywhere on the globe, via the global positioning system (GPS).

However, the results demonstrated that the performance of throughput degraded while security protocols were enabled.

Similarly, RTT values were also increased after enabling the security protocols.

Evaluation of WEP, WPA and WPA2 Security Protocols on 802.11ac Client to Server WLAN Performance.

The research has measured the 802.11ac WLAN performance with WLAN security protocols enabled and disabled.

However, the WPA protocol showed different behaviour towards RTT with best performance and less round trip time.

In the case of CPU utilization, the experimental results showed that IPv6 outperformed IPv4 for CPU utilization with throughput and RTT.


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