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Supervisors blame it on lack of comprehension skills among research scholars which forces them to plagiarise content.“In OU, many students pursuing research have studied in Telugu medium till degree level.The award is given biennially to celebrate a researcher or practitioner who has demonstrated a high level of creativity in developing novel areas of application of Multiple Criteria Decision Making and associated methodology.

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Another student from the philosophy department committed similar mistake by blatantly picking up content from different websites and research papers.

“Research scholars lift content from other research papers, blogs, news articles, etc.

The supervisor of Anna's thesis was professor Esa Saarinen.

Her thesis advisors were Peter Kenttä and Peter Michelsson. Anna completed the Aalto Master’s Programme in Information Networks.

At that point all they could do with my mess was to say "well, this is a decent descriptive paper and we need more descriptive papers in the field," and then give me proofreading comments.

I didn't have a damn clue what I was doing, the end product was mediocre, and I didn't learn nearly as much as I could have.

Tackling a complex problem (still relevant today) at an early age, getting great results and describing the solution clearly/concisely.

My master thesis was ~60 pages long, and was probably about 1/1000 as useful as this one.

I had a bitter experience while pursuing my master's thesis at a pretty big firm.

The people responsible for advising me were shameless in accepting that no one really cares about how well I have done my thesis (they were trying to defend as to why no one cared enough to spend time and guide me), all that matters is finishing it and moving on.


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