The Impact Of Technology On Society Essay

The Impact Of Technology On Society Essay-34
When they find their way into waterways and other areas, they may harm the users of the water including marine life.

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Also, when burned up, they emit fumes which contain very harmful chemicals.

Here, we focus on the ways plastics affect the planet we call home.

There are so many advantages with plastic and it has to be used carefully and within the limitations to protect environment.

Plastic is recyclable and hence instead of disposing it, everybody must take initiative to recycle so that the effect of plastic on environment will be less.

Plastic is one of the most used material these days. But along with its advantages, there are lot of disadvantages of plastic too.

Let’s take a look at the positive and negative effects of plastic.Recycling of plastic not only helps environment but also gives you money.Several governments are making regulatory laws to regulate the use of plastic and several NGO’s from all over the world are trying to create awareness among people about plastic.which are serious concerns of several environmental activists.Even the process of making plastic by industries releases heavy amounts of carbon dioxide.In our daily life, plastic made a considerable impact and we are heavily dependent on plastic.Starting from daily usage utensils to decorative items all are coming in plastic.Unlike glass which has to be handled carefully, you can roughly use plastic materials. The wear and tear of plastic parts is very less when compared to other materials available.The modern lifestyle is focused on people who are always on the move.The weight of the plastic is very less and it is almost as strong as metals.You can convert plastic into the shape you required and they look equally beautiful like glass or other expensive materials.


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