The House Of Seven Gables Ap Essay

(1984) comments that Sammy’s reaction to Lengel’s chiding of the girls “is the reflex of the still uncorrupted, of the youth still capable of the grand gesture because he has not learned the sad wisdom of compromise” (p. There is an “undertone of sorrow” in the story’s ending, because not only have the girls disappeared, but in their stead Sammy sees a young mother screaming at her children as they complain about not getting candy—“a much commoner refrain to the heady tunes of wishful American romance,” Detweiler comments.Corey Evan Thompson, in (Summer 2001), argues that Sammy does not quit because of the incident with the girls.

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Right from the first moment he sees the girls, he cannot take his eyes off them.

He is so startled and discombobulated at the sight of them that he cannot remember whether he has rung up a customer’s purchase or not.

“He’ll be known perhaps as a quitter,” Updike said, adding that what Sammy does is a kind of “feminist protest.” 4.

How important is the historical context in understanding this story, which was first published in 1961?

I mean, it was more than pretty.” In other words, he is aroused by the sight, and, more than this, it is likely that he is not content simply to admire from afar.

When she reaches the cash register, he notes that there is no ring on her finger, and one can just imagine him calculating his chances with her and trying to figure out a way in.In first person narration, the narrator can write only of what he or she sees, hears, thinks, feels, knows, or is told directly.Other characters in the story can be known only through what they do, as seen by the narrator; what they say within his or her earshot; what others may say about them; and the opinions the narrator has about them.According to government statistics (available from in 1960, 37.7 percent of women age 16 and older were in the workforce.This figure rose rapidly to 43.3 percent in 1970, 51.5 percent in 1980, and 57.5 percentin 1990.In the 1950s and early 1960s in the United States people did marry much younger than they do today.In 1956, the average age for men to marry was 22.5, compared to 29 in the 2010s, the highest it has ever been.He would love to get to know her, it would seem, and this is at least part of the reason why he quits his job with such a flourish.He wants to make an impression on Queenie, and he hopes she witnesses his gallant action.His remark “They didn’t even have shoes on” shows how struck he is by their near nakedness.He is particularly attracted to the leader of the three, whom he dubs Queenie, carefully noting her long white legs and the fact—no doubt every erotic—that she has her shoulder straps down, which leaves an exquisiteexpanse of bare flesh from just above her chest to her neck, which he describes as “this clean bare plane of the top of her chest down from the shoulder bones like a dented sheet of metal tilted in the light.


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