The Hardest Math Problem

The Hardest Math Problem-84
We’ve also included how many questions fall under each category, so if you’re self-studying, you can prioritize the types of questions that appear more often.A grid-in question can test any of the topics above and is found at the end of each portion of the math test, both no-calculator and calculator.These questions come from the free SAT practice tests because we wanted to make sure that we show you questions representative of those you’ll see on the real test.

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We can substitute the \(1.5\) into the equation to see how it might affect \(q\), or the dynamic pressure.3.

For our fluid moving at a velocity of \(1.5\), we thus have: \(q=\fracn(2.25)v^2\).

Rewriting word problems to include words like equal to, less than, more than, sum, and so on can help you easily translate the problem into equations and inequalities.2.

We’re told that Roberto wanted to sell \(57\) insurance policies but he didn’t meet his goal, which means that he sold less than \(57\) insurance policies. Next, we’re told that the value of all the policies sold was more than \(\$3,000,000\).

A larger standard deviation means that the points in the data set are more spread out from the mean value, and a smaller one means that the points in the data set are close to the mean value. The discriminant is the part of the quadratic formula under the radical, or \(b^2-4ac\).

Likewise, you’ll need to know what is meant by range. Let’s first determine the standard deviations of each data set relative to each other. If the discriminant is positive, there are 2 solutions; if the discriminant is 0, there is 1 real solution (or a repeated solution); if the discriminant is negative, there are no real solutions.This often makes it very clear how to find the answer.Here’s our diagram: College Board likes to use these triangles and their similar counterparts because they have nice, whole-number sides that make calculations easy.We suggest you try solving these on your own before looking at the answer and our suggested solution.Remember: we’ve given you just one way to solve the problem. Before we go into the questions, we want you to understand the terms that the College Board uses to categorize the topics.Given that \(x\) represents the number of \($50,000\) policies sold and \(y\) represents the number of \($100,000\) policies sold, the sum of these two numbers is less than \(57\). We need to multiply the value of the policy by the number of that type of policy, which gives us \(50,000x 100,000y\:\gt\:3,000,000\).Choice C is the only answer that reflects Roberto’s insurance policy sales.1.Students often want to prepare for the toughest questions they’ll see on the SAT so they can feel confident on test day.We’ve rounded up some of the hardest questions and we’re going to show you how to solve them.For our fluid moving at a velocity of \(1\), we have \(q=\fracn(1)v^2\).We can thus see that the dynamic pressure of the faster fluid will be \(2.25\) times that of the slower fluid. If you’re given a word problem that involves geometry or trigonometry and no diagram, you should draw yourself a diagram and label the information.


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