Term Paper For Euthanasia

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’ with the statement ‘an Advanced Health Directive cannot require or authorise a doctor or other health professional to take active steps to unnaturally end life.’ Despite not using the term, such practices may nonetheless fall within the practices characterised as passive voluntary euthanasia as described above.

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No piece of legislation characterises such practices as euthanasia.

Indeed, as with members of the medical profession, certain government departments have explicitly stated that such instruments do not permit euthanasia.

In Queensland, a person acting in accordance with an advance health directive is ‘not liable for an act or omission to any greater extent than if the act of omission had happened with the principal’s consent.’ New South Wales has not legislated to provide for advance directives.

However, it has developed ‘Using Advance Care Directives’ guidelines on the management of end-of-life decisions, and advance care directives that comply with the requirements of these guidelines are legally binding in NSW, functioning as an ‘extension of the common law right to determine one’s own medical treatment’ (discussed below).

Enduring powers of attorney or guardianship allow a person to appoint one or more agents to make decisions about the provision or refusal of medical treatment if and when that person has impaired decision-making capacity.

Term Paper For Euthanasia

The attorney or guardian is generally required to make treatment decisions that are consistent with directions given by the person when competent, including those specified within the enduring power of attorney/guardianship itself, or in an advance directive.

However, you do have a duty to know when not to initiate and when to cease attempts at prolonging life, while ensuring that your patients receive appropriate relief from distress.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) similarly states that medical treatment may not be warranted where such treatment ‘will not offer a reasonable hope of benefit or will impose an unacceptable burden on the patient.’ There is debate, however, as to whether such measures fall within the meaning of euthanasia.

Modern medical technology has led to increasing developments in, and greater availability of, artificial measures to prolong life.

‘Euthanasia’ is often incorrectly characterised as representing one particular kind of practice.


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