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The issues most often debated involve what constitutes cheating, why some students cheat, and what should be done about cheating. According to a 2006 survey of more than 35,000 high school students conducted by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, about 60 percent of the students admitted to cheating on an exam during the previous 12 months. 4) Intellectual Property The Origins of Patent and Copyright Law | Digital Piracy | Patenting Life | The Cheating Problem The Cheating Problem Students, teachers, and administrators are grappling with the problem of cheating in American high schools.The Kimbel Library at Costal Carolina University lists these companies.

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By 2006, the number had grown to more than 250 sites.

Many states make it a crime for businesses to write term papers for students.

Some students might do their own risk-benefit analysis. Or they might believe that if they do get caught, the punishment will not be severe.

Often high-achieving or more affluent students find themselves in an atmosphere ripe for cheating.

For more advanced cheaters, the Internet has "term paper mills," databases with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of pre-written and ready-made term papers and essays. For a larger fee, many of these companies will custom-write papers.

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Such companies existed before the Internet, but the Internet has made them more popular.

Some actions are considered cheating by some but not by others, such as studying someone else's notes or buying a published study guide instead of reading the assigned book.

A common cheating practice is plagiarism, copying another's writing without giving proper credit.

Many adolescents in wealthy families endure intense pressures to succeed.

According to Niels (who heads the Winchester Thurston School in Pennsylvania), privileged young people "believe that they must choose occupations that befit their social status and they must earn an income which enables them to maintain a lifestyle equivalent to their parents'." Niels cites a study on adolescent alienation, published in 1990 in the Journal of Research and Development in Education.


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