Technology Affects Us Essay

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Then we have a plethora of high- end machines in our hospitals which have the capability to show as well as identify even the most minor tissues and nerves in our body.Last but not the least, cell phones are probably the most crucial invention of technology to mankind.Though, in some cases, technology helps parents to communicate with their children and know their location, it is not always enough for children’s safety just to stay connected with the family.

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Below are few common ways how technology can mess with our health.

Laptops and notebooks are undoubtedly very convenient to work and carry around while you are on the go, but a little known fact is that men who use laptops on their laps have increased chances of affecting their reproductive health.

Though, in most cases, the speed of fulfilling tasks accelerates with the help of technology, many people do not realize that technology negatively affectssociety, and its considerable development has complicated life in a number of different ways.

Technology has weakened the relations among family members.

Consequently, spending less time with family and more time with different gadgets can cause the loss of tight contacts with close relations.

Technology also has both positive and negative effects in the area of education.Technology has simplified the access to many necessary tools people need in education, industry, medicine, communication, transportation, and so on.However, excessive usage of technology has its drawbacks as well.Furthermore,students nowadays can communicate with their teachers and learn all the essential information via the Internet.However, students of the new generations seem to have several significant problems either with writing complete sentences or spelling words because of the frequent usage of text messages.Health problems caused by modern technology have evolved into an important problem, especially among teenagers.Adolescents pay a high price for depending on social networks, computer games and TV, especially when it comes to sleep.Today’s students are also better at remembering where to look for information rather than remembering the information itself.Besides memory problems, technology usage can trigger serious diseases as well.Apart from these, technology also makes an individual a couch potato, which is an obvious condition when you have machines to do your share of work.Of course, most of these problems can be avoided by using technology effectively.


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