Surveillance Essay

In other words, my actions have moral worth if I do what is right .

If I don’t steal someone’s i Pod (just another kind of Apple, really) because I think it would be wrong to do so, then I get a moral pat on the back and am entitled to polish my halo.

The result is fewer instances of moral failure, and patterns of behaviour conducive to social harmony.

A brief history of traffic surveillance illustrates the idea nicely: (‘the state of nature’): Do whatever you please – it’s a free for all. : Cops start patrolling the highways to enforce the speed limits.

So what would be the right reason for not eating the fruit?

Well, God is really no different than any other parent.

Drive as fast as you want, in whatever condition you happen to be in. This inhibits a few would-be tearaways, but if you’re clever you can still beat the rap; for instance, by knowing where the police hang out, by tailing some other speedster, or by souping up your car so the fuzz can’t catch you.

: More cops patrol the highways, and now they have radar technology.

After all, you’re only acting out of self-interest.

If paradise suffered a power cut and the surveillance was temporarily down, you’d be in there straight away with the other looters.


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