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You can see how 30 really different students, might come up with 30 really similar ideas with this prompt. The student hears noises, they look behind them and see nothing, they run, something / someone grabs them… A story starter provides the first line or couple of lines of a story. The door slammed.” You can see already that this story starter doesn’t provide the writer with any information, or least only a teeny bit. But not so much that it confines writers in the space of predictability. To save you time, to help claim back a tiny bit of ‘your life’ I have created 20 pages of Halloween story starters and 20 pages of writing instruction that is ready to print and go!

it turns out to be a) an axe murderer, b) one of the parents, or c) a friend. This week I shared with my subscriber list “20 story starters” that are perfect for Halloween. This ready-to-go resource contains 40 pages of Halloween writing activities.

Includes 36 unique, fresh, fun, and intriguing Narrative Story Starters topics.

An example of a story starter question is: When you arrive at school one morning, you see dogs and cats sitting at the desks, studying for a test. Contemporary-designed Curriculum Cuts-outs help create a positive, encouraging, and motivated classroom!

Stories must be worked out from back to front, not front to back. The beginning of the story, first chapter, and certainly the first page can't be written well until you've figured out how exactly the story ends.

That means you must start with the "Event" before you can figure out the "Introduction" and certainly the "Enabling Incident". Because, you very likely have no idea what I'm talking about. The concepts of Introduction, Enabling Incident and Event are known and understood by only a very small fraction or fiction writers and they aren't talking.Yes, I know that's a radical statement and completely counter intuitive but it's likely the best piece of writing advice you'll get all day.You see, if you're an aspiring fiction writer you're likely going about the process all backwards.The problem is that aspiring writers have no such set of processes and so they try to jump from "idea" straight to composition.And when that fails they feel that it was the fault of, or lack of, creative writing ideas. You see, a story must be conceived, designed and researched BEFORE it cane be effectively composed.But give me a moment and I'll put you on the right track. And you're trying to figure out how to get started.The problem is that you've already skipped over three processes that you should do first before you try to start "composing" your story.We all three sat at the kitchen table in our raincoats, and Joel smashed tomatoes with a small rubber mallet.We had seen it on TV: a man with an untamed mustache and a mallet slaughtering vegetables, and people in clear plastic ponchos soaking up the mess, having the time of their lives. We felt the pop and smack of tomato guts exploding; the guts dripped down the walls and landed on our cheeks and foreheads and congealed in our hair.Here are 58 engaging and detailed illustrations that will inspire students' creative writing.The images vary in complexity so that students with a wide range of critical thinking and writing abilities may engage meaningfully with them.


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