Steps To Solve Word Problems

Then we could actually set up a relation between the number of guests, the number of truffles each guest ate, and then the total number of chocolates. So the total number of chocolates at the party must have been 4 times 6. Now, what's another way of thinking about the total number of truffles at the party?

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Then move to the representational level by using drawings to illustrate key pieces of information given in problems.

When students are ready, move to the abstract level. Strategies have four to seven sequential steps and a mnemonic to help students remember them. Virginia Standards of Learning Assessments Sample Items (1998) Richmond, VA: Virginia Department of Education from k12us/VDOE/Assessment/samptests/

Mercer (1997) outlines several deficits relevant to math problem solving.

The following approaches may help support students with disabilities in solving math word problems. Provide daily problem-solving opportunities in the context of students' lives.

Specifically, students must read independently; understand vocabulary; separate relevant information; visualize, restate a problem, and hypothesize a solution (Landi, 2001); choose the correct operation(s); estimate the answer; write the correct numbers accurately and legibly; solve the problem; and express the answer in the correct unit.

Underlying processing deficits may compound students' difficulties. And now I have another group of 3, so two groups of 3. So if I were to take 24 things and divide it into groups of 3, I get 8 groups. We see that g, or I could say 24 divided by 3 is 8, which must be equal to the number of guests at the party. Here is five groups of 3, six groups of 3, seven groups of 3, and eight groups of 3. How many guests must there have been at the party, must have attended the party? So one way of thinking about it, if I were to divide these truffles, these 24 truffles, into groups of 3, 3 for each guest, well, the number of groups I'm going to have will tell me the number of guests I have. So we're trying to figure out how many guests must have attended the party. So it's 1 times 6, 2 times 6, 3 times 6, and 4 times 6. And now we know that this is going to be equal to the number of guests at the party. The other way of thinking about it is I'm like, hey, some mystery number here, g, that I'm trying to figure out, the number of guests at the party times 3 is equal to 24. Well, you could just think about all the multiples of three. These skills include using problem solving, mathematical communication, mathematical reasoning, and solving multistep practical problems involving whole numbers, decimals, and fractions by using estimation strategies.The number and range of skills necessary for successful word problem solving cause many students difficulty with this area of mathematics.Think of the calculator as merely a tool that makes the journey easier.After all, you wouldn’t want a surgeon to crack your ribs and perform a heart transplant without first identifying the source of your chest pains. Now that you understand the word problem’s purpose, determine the answer’s unit.


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