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Using my own cautionary tale as an analogy, I urge students not to leave out one of the first steps to writing a paper: tracking quotes. But after all that work they still aren’t really done because there’s another enormous assignment ahead: the essay.

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While there, she became a certified Master Level Writing Tutor by the College Reading and Learning Association and spent three years working for the Quinnipiac's Learning Center.

Additionally, Brittany earned a second Master’s degree in Composition and Rhetoric at the .

If this situation is not corrected by using the legal means identified above, then perhaps the symbol of justice needs to be changed to a man that is winking one eye at the scales while holding a finger to his smiling mouth in the shush pose to reflect the true nature of justice since the current compensatory gap between male and female tort victims is not blind, equitable nor fundamentally just.

This is considered the narrow part of the paper because your points of argument are being focused on your thesis.

She is an accomplished screenwriter, teacher and blogger.

Her articles appear on the Sixth Wall and other websites.

As a teacher and an Executive Function coach, I can tell you that it’s pretty cool when a student comes up with a different point of a view.

Tracking quotes along the way is an effective time-saving step that allows students to see what they were thinking while reading, thus opening up an easy-to-access thesis statement. The supporting evidence is right there for students to copy and paste into the paper.

Since this is a time-consuming assignment, it is vital that the writer begin working on the thesis paper well in advance of the due date.

Based in Los Angeles, Bridgett Michele Lawrence began working as a freelance writer in 2008.


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