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One can see that standardized testing is a universal method of evaluating those skills to which tests are targeted, which aim to reduce or even excludes bias, partiality, or the potential of human error.Standardized tests are meant to set a high standard and promote objectivity.What this means is that you shouldn’t stress out too much about your scores, because we admit people, not numbers.

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Two commonly known types of standardized tests in the USA are the SAT and the ACT.

The SAT evaluates skills in vocabulary and mathematics, while the ACT has more to do with a broader range of knowledge and includes additional subjects, such as science.

Standardized tests are a common and popular way to evaluate the academic achievements of students, teachers, and school districts.

They are used in many areas, such as in the army, civil service, medicine, and so on, but primarily standardized tests are associated with academic performance.

When we receive your application, we review all of your academic information—grades, scores, classes, etc.—to ensure that you are prepared for MIT.

In part because of the strength of our applicant pool, the majority of our applicants are very well prepared to succeed at MIT.However, this method is not perfect and involves a number of issues.The most critical among them are the preference accorded to memorization over critical and analytic thinking; the encouragement of academic dishonesty; infringing on students’ emotional state, and even some elements of discrimination.We do this in order to consider all applicants in their best light.Students are free to use the College Board’s Score Choice option and the ACT’s option to submit the scores of your choice as well.Perhaps one of the most serious drawbacks of using standardized testing is connected to discrimination.Holding all schools and students to the same national standards may infringe on the rights of students with disabilities, lower socio-economic statuses, those who learn English as a second language, students of different nationalities, and so on.The idea is to detect areas where students usually fail, or fall behind and promote improvement, not punish them (Strong 24).Besides, tests help remove bias some teachers may exhibit towards students and make the evaluation process more objective.On the other hand, the exploitation of the system of standardized testing is linked to a number of issues.Thus, many feel that tests do not provide accurate evaluations of a student’s knowledge and learning capabilities, particularly due to the fact that in order to pass a test, rote memorization is preferred to critical thinking and higher learning (Strong 254).


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