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Our theological approach must go beyond matching Biblical texts with specific traditional beliefs to addressing the theological, philosophical, moral and ethical bases and foundations of these beliefs. Religious beliefs, feelings, practice and behaviour have roots and bases.The traditional conception of mystical and mysterious powers has deep theological roots.

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When Christian categories are introduced, such as: the power of the blood of Christ; the power of Christ; the power of the Holy Spirit; the power of God; the power of prayer in the name of Jesus, how are these powers understood theologically by man in traditional Africa?

The traditional theology of power and forces is what should be addressed by the Bible.

Mystical and mysterious powers can be transmitted through certain object media or by pure spiritual means.

Mystical powers can be sent to specific destinations for an intended good or evil.

As stated earlier, the belief in the impersonal (mystical) powers is dominant and pervasive among traditional Africans. Christianity must recognise and study the theological basis of the traditional African belief in the existence of mystical and mysterious forces.

The religious and social role and function of this belief must be thoroughly studied and understood.

The life of a traditional African with this belief in the impersonal powers is at the mercy of the benevolent or wicked users of the mystical powers at their disposal.

This belief is very much reflected in the traditional religious practices and behaviour.

The manifestation and the use of the impersonal powers are related to the practices of medicine men and women, diviners and seers who use natural objects, plants and animals for medicine, magic, charms and amulets.

Some specialists belief that mysterious powers imbedded in things or objects can be extracted for specific uses.


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