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(Even though it may cost a lot of money, we have to search for a solution.)In your final paragraph, you’ll want to provide a summary of your main argument and your main supporting points. (In summary, the three sources show that air pollution is a very serious problem for the whole world.)After summarizing your essay, you’ll want to re-state your main argument in a succinct, strongly-worded sentence.Start with these phrases:(For these reasons, I affirm that teenagers should not use social media.) Learn and study these words—they’ll help you express yourself more fluidly in your AP Spanish essays.

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Seeking out native Spanish sources is easy, and Fluent U has got you covered.

Fluent U takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

First, you’ll have six minutes to read the prompt and the two written sources, and then you’ll hear the audio source twice.

Finally, you’ll have 40 minutes to plan and write your essay.

There are also some targeted ways to practice for the free-response section..

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This structure is similar to the English “It’s [adjective] that…” and is great for expressing and supporting opinions in a strong and confident manner. This second essay is a little less straightforward, so we’ll walk you through it here. The presentational essay is based on three sources. The presentational essay tests how well you can draw information from Spanish-language sources, form an argument and write formally.Other than that I pretty much just wrote it out again and again and again until I remembered it perfectly. I Miss Spanish I have a Spanish writing test on Thursday (tomorrow) where i have to remember 175 words even though I only started learning it yesterday so I can relate.You just try to remember a sentence at a time repeating it over and over which is pretty boring.When expressing doubt or expressing some other emotion, use the subjunctive. (It’s important that people know how to speak more than one language.)These words will help you refer to your three sources, which contain information that will help you support your argument.This section also contains transition words to connect one part of your argument to the next..I also made a word out of the first letter of each paragraph's subject to help me remember the subject of each paragraph.I learnt each paragraph accurately, by writing it out a few times. I was surprised that I could actually remember it word for word, just keep repeatedly writing it until it sticks.The essay is graded on the basis of Spanish language skills like reading, listening, writing and grammar—but it’s also based on your general ability to analyze the sources and make a strong, coherent argument.In many ways, preparing for the free-response section is the same as preparing for the rest of the AP exam.


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