Space Exploration Pro Thesis Statement

Space Exploration Pro Thesis Statement-45
Here is a worksheet to help you come up with and refine a good thesis statement.

Here is a worksheet to help you come up with and refine a good thesis statement.

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Many writers restate their thesis statement/hypothesis in the concluding section of their papers but few choose to delay revealing their central claim until after they have argued in favor of it You can learn to write better thesis statements by practicing with specific forms, e.g.

one where a premise (“If term limits were adopted in today…”) precedes a conclusion (“we would lose valuable legislative experience.”).

Data on productivity and profits, however, can be closely correlated with provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement that took effect in the same period.

If a reader knows that your paper is about migrating birds, she still doesn’t know what your point is. A topic merely names the field or subject area of your paper; it doesn’t propose anything.

above as follows: These revised thesis statements make specific promises to the reader.

Can you predict what kinds of evidence or support a writer might include in his or her essay based on one of these thesis statements?

I believe that space exploration is a very sound investment. It is estimated that the total economic benefit of each dollar spent on the space program has been between and .

Compare that to Americans spending more than billion a year on pizza or the national total annual economic cost of tobacco exceeding 0 billion and you can see that our return on our NASA investment is rather high.

It might be helpful to remember that a thesis statement takes a ‘point of view’ which the paper develops so that the reader can decide for himself on the issue.

, will mark 45 years since the United States put the first two astronauts safely on the moon. space efforts have cost an additional 6 billion for the shuttle and billion for the space station.


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