Society Equality Essay

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We, human beings, have formed a society based on certain rules that govern our actions and behavior.We share mutual resources and while building up our lives we commit innumerate amount of decisions everyday that lead us to differing paths.Equality, after all, is a derivative value”, explains Braker.

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This situation can be regarded as inevitable and applicants with less secure material backgrounds have to work harder beforehand in order to assure those connections.

However, concept of equal opportunity can ensure the access of educational institutions through subsidy systems so that no one would be cut out of the opportunity to develop necessary social sphere.

For example, certain profession may require certain skills and knowledge, in this case the hiring decision can only be made based on those values leaving race, gender and family history out of the question.

What if a job requires a large social network, then is it not the case that candidates from affluent families have an advantage because they tend to have more influential connections?

A centuries old debate for societies has been whether the ‘success’ is distributed fairly across its members.

If it is due to luck, then why is person A more privileged than person B who would Defenders of equality of opportunity base their moral arguments on merit such that as far as we eliminate the factors of race, caste, sexual orientation and other ‘inborn’ factors, all people can make their way up (or down) (Arneson, 2002).Some of us are more successful than others due to various reasons.Many people question whether the success someone has experienced is due to hard work and entitlement or simple luck.In the second place it means that adequate opportunities are laid open to all”.Equality is a leveling process: “The ideal of equality has insisted that men are politically equal, that all citizens are equally entitled to take part in political life, to exercise the franchise, to run for and hold office.If a bricklayer gets the same reward as a mathematician or a scientist, the purpose of society will be defeated.Equality, therefore, means, first of all the absence of social privilege.He further says, “We are thus arranged as it were, in a level time at the starting point of the race that lies ahead; and we start from that level line, so far as the state is concerned, with equal conditions guaranteed to each for making the best of himself-however much we may eventually differ in what we actually make of ourselves”.There are following kinds of equality: (4) Economic Equality.(5) Equality of Opportunity and Education.It has insisted that individuals should be equal before the law, that when the general law confers rights or imposes duties, the rights and duties shall extend to all; or conversely that they shall not confer special privileges on particular individuals or groups”.Undoubtedly, it implies fundamentally a leveling process”, says Professor Laski, “It means that no man shall be placed in society that he can overreach his neighbour to the extent which constitutes a denial of the latter’s citizenship”.


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