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It was devised in 1954 by Manfred Kuhn & Thomas Mc Partland with the goal of helping to identify assumptions and attitudes people had about themselves. Using the following format, fill in at least five lines (or twenty if you’re up for it) – be honest, and let’s see what you come up with!

Although everyone has their own self-concept, it’s possible to identify some common characteristics from the responses given.

Particularly those who as children are brought up with the idea that they have to earn affection from their parents are susceptible to this.

When parents only express love when certain conditions are met, children begin to associate memories which make them feel unloved with not being good enough, and this problem can often carry on into adulthood.

To break these down simply, your self image is how you see yourself, your self esteem is how much you value yourself and your ideal self is the vision you have for yourself, in other words how you wish you could be.

Taking all of these into account, your own self concept is formed.You do not need to worry too much about the truth of every part of you but through gradual self improvement you can learn to understand more about the best parts of your character and being and appreciate who you are more.This will increase your confidence and self esteem for sure. Self concept is a very important part of personality and reflects many personality traits in a person. All these aspects and concepts are discussed with reference to social psychology.Remember we are talking about the characteristics of you that are unchanging but your idea or concept of these can change with time. If you change a belief by challenging it and looking for evidence against your belief you can also change your attitude and your thinking and improve your self concept and your self esteem as well.If you can accept that you can change your beliefs, values, moods and attitudes then you accept that you can change how you feel about you and the idea of who you are will change also.You should clearly see that all the things that are “you” including your personality, charateristics, appearance, social persona and psychological personality create a complex person and understanding who you are is not easy. They are all things that are possible for you to change.In terms of self esteem, the idea you have and your attitude towards your idea of who and what you are is the most important. You may believe that some of these are beyond your control or are automatic but in fact you can change any belief you want.Your self concept can change on a regular basis because you see and interpret things differently depending on your feelings, beliefs and attitude.Self awareness is a two-way process as your feelings and beliefs affect your self concept and the opposite is also true.


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