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The matters raised during interviews are audio/video recorded or manually written down for subsequent analysis.

Participants are asked to fill and sign a consent form prior to conducting the interviews.

The questionnaire consists of statements, to which the respondents have to respond based on the specified options.

These responses are then analyzed with the help of SPSS or another analytical tool by running analytical tests to create trend graphs and charts according to the responses to each statement. This type of dissertation research design is usually used when the behavior of a group of people or an individual is to be studied.

There are various methods of conducting primary research: How to Approach a Company for your Primary Study.

Interviews are face to face discussion conducted directly with the participant(s).The data collected from these surveys is analyzed through a statistical tools such as SPSS or Excel.Diverse tests are applied to the data depending on the research questions, aim and objectives to reach to a conclusion.Surveys are another popular primary data collection method.The participants for this type of research design are chosen through a sampling method based on a selected population.The researcher observes the participants to figure out how they behave in certain conditions.There are two types of observations – overt and covert.With a number of research strategies to choose from, students often get confused about which would be the most appropriate for their own research.Here is a complete guide on the two research designs that you can choose from in your dissertation – Primary research involves data collection directly from participants.All questions asked during the interview are related to the research only.Participants have the complete right to remain anonymous or reveal personal details if appropriate.


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