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Stahl (1999) found that teachers must include definitional, contextual, and usage information when explicitly teaching words.

Vocabulary Spelling City helps teachers have more effective vocabulary instruction than ever before!

Research-Based for Effectiveness and Better Outcomes in Student Achievement Educational researchers Robert Marzano and Dr.

Immediate feedback corrects students’ thinking, guides their thought process, and celebrates success, improving the effectiveness of their vocabulary instruction.

Students who learn from mistakes take ownership of their learning.

Blachowicz, Fisher, Ogle and Watts-Taffe’s (2006) review of the research found that this connection can be partly explained by how deeper vocabulary knowledge helps make connections, and a broad verbal ability may be fundamental to all learning.

Vocabulary Spelling City is a web and app-based productivity tool that students access directly for supplemental vocabulary study practice, whether at school, home, or on the go via computer, Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone.

He adds that playing games with words is a “brain-compatible strategy” for reinforcing learning.

“Games seem to engage students at a high level and have a powerful effect on students’ recall of the terms,” Marzano says.

Vocabulary Spelling City’s learning activities deliver content through audio and visual modalities.

Additionally, Vocabulary Spelling City’s learning activities provide practice with both open-ended and closed responses, enhancing vocabulary study.


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