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Almost one in a hundred men develops signs of heart disease by the age of 45.

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The heart needs to work harder to pump blood at a pressure that will pump blood through the hard vessels to reach all the body parts.

Fatty deposits (plaques) also collect on artery walls with age to slow down the flow of blood from the heart.

The reason why people many people get the cardiovascular disease at an old age is that the aging also occurs on the blood vessels making them to harden and less flexible.

Less flexibility of the blood vessels makes it harder for blood to move through them and reduces the rate of flow.

On a behavioral level, women are likely to share their situation or create time for self-care such as taking a long warm bath or reading.

These reactions to difficult circumstances help to relieve stress.

Most of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries that record up to 80% of deaths that occur to VCDs globally.

The estimate is that by 2030 the deaths of almost 23.6 million people will occur due to heart disease and stroke.

These things together with lack of enough exercises and poor nutritional habits can increase the risk of heart disease.

The increase is even higher id other risk factors that come with age such as diabetes are also present.


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