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Finally, assembly line modeling and simulation optimization are both described by an instance.

This research aimed to increase the efficiency of actual working time to compare to design standard time ratio (DSTR) as per analysing process of Lean System of the assembly line in a car manufacturer in Thailand.

The delicacy of this issue has been accurately outlined by [Bukchin 1998].

He argued that the only practical method to accurately evaluate throughput is a simulation study, which is very time consuming and hard to perform, and that for this reason, instead, various performance measures are usually used in order to evaluate and compare design alternatives.

Development of a mathematical model may also be attempted, which will help researchers to compare the solutions of the heuristics with that of the model.

In this paper, an attempt is made to present a comprehensive review of literature on the assembly line balancing.

Lean principle, Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Waste Analysis and ECRS.

After implementing the above tools, the results showed that DSTR decreased from 4.24 to 4.06 or 4.25%.

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