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Adidas said its apparel line for the spring and summer of 2019 will contain around 41% recycled polyester.

The German company is also expecting a sharp increase in sales of its Parley shoes, which are made with plastic waste that has been intercepted before it reaches the ocean.

The pledge to eliminate the use of "virgin" plastic, which was first reported by the Financial Times, includes polyester.

Used in everything from t-shirts to sports bras, the material is popular in sportswear because it dries quickly and weighs little.

Branding helps change the perception and expectations of a target market.

Adidas uses covert advertising where Adidas products are introduced in entertainment or movie industries with a character wearing Adidas shoes being shown.Celebrities are used to advertise the product because of their fame, power and influence.For instance, David Beckman wearing Adidas sportswear while playing football has been used as an advertising tool by the firm (Allen, 2008).It is whereby sales agents are involved in selling the product directly to the customer. 81) believes the art of photography is quality design can help sales agents convince customers easily hence being able to increase the sales revenue of the firm.The good brand name of Adidas has been earned using personal selling representatives of the company that sell the high quality products to the clients of the firm.For instance, the company helps in sponsoring events and teams worldwide.It has participated in various events such as the 2008 Beijing Marathon, London Marathon and it is the official sportswear partner in the 2012 Olympics Games.Billboards of the company products have been spotted on various streets with enhancement of the visual element.Moreover, the firm uses the internet, sports social sites and by mailing directly to the clients informing them of the new products as other methods of marketing its products (Allen, 2008).The Company has also collaborated with NBA stars with their merger with the firm being called “Basketball is Brotherhood.” Six NBA stars were chosen to help children in realizing their dreams by training them.In addition to the above strategies, the firm utilizes sponsorship to market its brand name.


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