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Leaders from the refugee community may provide further support to the new arrivals. Shelters are frequently very close to each other, and many families frequently share a single dwelling, rendering privacy for couples nonexistent.

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They stay in the reception centre until their refugee status is approved and the degree of vulnerability assessed. Men and women receive counselling separate from each other to determine their needs.

After registration they are given food rations (until then only high energy biscuits), receive ration cards (the primary marker of refugee status), soap, jerrycans, kitchen sets, sleeping mats, plastic tarpaulins to build shelters (some receive tents or pre-fabricated shelters). Shelters may sometimes be built by refugees themselves with locally available materials, but aid agencies may supply materials or even prefabricated housing.

Some refugees are supported by IOM, some use smugglers.

Many new arrivals suffer from acute malnutrition and dehydration.

Usually refugees seek asylum after they've escaped war in their home countries, but some camps also house environmental- and economic migrants.

Camps with over a hundred thousand people are common, but as of 2012, the average-sized camp housed around 11,400.They are usually built and run by a government, the United Nations, international organizations (such as the International Committee of the Red Cross), or NGOs.There are also unofficial refugee camps, like Idomeni in Greece or the Calais jungle in France, where refugees are largely left without support of governments or international organizations.In spite of the fact that 74 percent of refugees are in urban areas, the service delivery model of international humanitarian aid agencies remains focused on the establishment and operation of refugee camps.Most new arrivals travel distances of up to 500 km by foot. wild animals, armed bandits or militias, or landmines.Worldwide, slightly over a quarter (25.4%) of refugees were reported to be living in managed camps.At the end of 2015, about 56 percent of the total refugee population in rural locations resided in a managed camp, compared to the 2 percent who resided in individual accommodation.At the end of 2015, some 67 percent of refugees around the world lived in individual, private accommodations.This can be partly explained by the high number of Syrian refugees renting apartments in urban agglomerations across the Middle East.However, many have to survive on much less than that (some may get as little as 8 litres per day).There may be a high number of persons per usable tap stand (against a standard number of one per 80 persons).


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