Publishing Phd Thesis Online

If it’s the original contribution to knowledge a Ph D is supposed to be, then the outside world needs to see it!

You should probably begin to consider getting it published.

Checking existing publications on the subject Before you sit down to investigate a particular topic and write up your findings in an article, do your research!

Not just on your primary material, but scan existing secondary publications on the subject, in particular recent ones.

If they don't, ask them (given that they may be operating to a tight timetable, check when is a good time to go through this with them).

This is the quickest and perhaps the most reliable route to finding a publisher.How well-versed will the readers of your article be?Or, you might for example have an opportunity to publish a book-review in a non-academic context, a newspapers or a magazine, in which case you must adjust your writing style and the content of your piece to an entirely non-specialized public.Embedded within the overall structure of your thesis, the particular section might have been supported by the larger trajectory of arguments running through the text.So if you decide that a particular section can stand on its own, you might nevertheless still need to guide the reader into your thought process in a different way than you had done in your Ph D.You are likely to have more space to elaborate on your ideas than with a conference paper that is usually limited to 20 minutes, so you now have an opportunity to go into more depth and detail, whilst tying up all your arguments.Finally, you will most likely have to reconsider the ways in which you embedded your quotations, and fill in all your references – footnotes or endnotes.Don't rely on being an entirely original genius, but engage in a written discussion with your colleagues, respecting and responding to all the great ideas that are already in circulation.Once you have informed yourself about what is generally known by your particular readership, you will know exactly what to include and what to omit.Moreover, it will be straightforward to mark out your own contributions.Choosing a journal When you are first beginning to search for a journal that might possibly publish your article, you can pursue different avenues: Narrowing down Once you have narrowed down your choice of potential publishers to a specific selection of journals, it is important to read their mission statements and notes for contributors.


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