Prostitution Should Be Legalized Essay

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I'm not sure where to begin, so I'm just going to make a list.1. STD's are usually contracted from a non-prostitute.3.

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I always hear the argument "It's my body..." Why doesn't it apply to this subject? People are doing it regardless of what the law says. He is so nervous around women that he screws up any potential relationship. He's so ashamed to be a virgin.)I too would love to purchase a prostitute without the fear of going to jail. But I would love to be with a beautiful woman from time to time.

The government would not only be able to make money of taxed prostitution, but save on various costs to the tax-payer. My boss's brother is 29 years old and still a virgin.

In fact, the data are pretty clearly in favor of legalizing sex work to improve public health.

The World Health Organization recommends that countries decriminalize sex work.

But there’s a movement afoot to challenge conventional wisdom about prohibition.

Or, rather, to incorporate what we already know about black markets into our thinking about sex workers and their rights.

This leaves workers dependent on pimps and madams for protection, which often leads to more violence. In Ireland, where prostitution is still criminalized, one study estimates that 30 percent of the abuse that sex workers report comes from police.

Some estimate that police actually abuse American sex workers more often than clients do. Craigslist and Backpage should be havens for workers to connect with and vet clients from the safety of their homes.

They accidentally removed the section defining the act itself as a crime while attempting to revise it, though lawmakers didn’t realize the error until 2003.

Over the next six years new cases of gonorrhea among women statewide declined by 39 percent.


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