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Small amounts of homework set as a routine prepares them for high-school when homework is unfortunately in abundance. Ultimately the goal of homework is to consolidate the basic skills that the children learn at school.If the homework is well constructed and hopefully enjoyable for the child then there are definitely benefits, both in the consolidation of basic skills and just as importantly in the confidence that kids get when they get to school and find that they €œDO€ know the answers to the questions.The time they spend learning leaves them without other important activities.

Maths Rockx is engaging, loads of fun and integrates the love of digital technology into the learning process.

Children love it so much they WANT to do it and its taking the UK by storm.

The App enables kids to sing their times tables along to well-known tracks from artists such as One Direction, P! It provides an active and motivating way to learn and has already delivered impressive results for thousands of kids.

There has already been fantastic feedback from parents saying that the dreaded homework routine is now something they look forward to and really enjoy.

College students spend 2-3 hours on their homework assignments.

As many of them live on campus, they cannot ask their parents to help.

Experts in the field of college education recommend assigning tasks that will take no more than 2,5 hours per day.

While in elementary school no homework is recommended at all, the amount increases with every new academic level.

Former teacher and mum of two, Jo Otto talks about the pros and cons of homework and how her app, Maths Rockx has essentially become the perfect modern homework tool for kids. Homework deadlines for the little ones creates undue stress on both the child and parents.

There has to be a balance so they are still able to unwind/play when they get home and be well€¦kids! Homework at this age can often require some kind of guidance from an adult, so parents HAVE to help.


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