One Child Policy China Research Paper

One Child Policy China Research Paper-50
The detailed investigation of causes and effects of the policy are essential to target resources properly and prepare the different system and institutions to the change.The child policy shift will contribute to a change in the constitution of the Chinese society.The women were interviewed by social science students, using a 26-item interview targeting the women’s decision-making, expectations, and wishes with regard to the two-child policy.

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The results show that for one-child families, an additional child significantly increased school enrollment of first-born children by approximately 16 percentage-points.

The effect is larger for households where the children are of the same sex.

The understanding of the families’ expectations will support China to adapt quickly to the rising needs of health care and target social support to the families.

This study aims to describe how women experience decision-making on their reproduction and family planning.

14973 Issued in May 2009 NBER Program(s): Children Many believe that increasing the quantity of children will lead to a decrease in their quality.

This paper exploits plausibly exogenous changes in family size caused by relaxations in China's One Child Policy to estimate the causal effect of family size on school enrollment of the first child.

The policy shift is intended to countermeasure the demographic development of an aging population, skewed sex ratios, and a shrinking labor supply.

The mechanisms the policy put into place are unique for the present time of change and bring the health care system and education under pressure to meet the new challenges.

Family norms considered standard are put into new perspectives and will change.

This family structure shift from 4-2-1 to 4-2-2 will not only affect the individual, but also the society on a larger scale.


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