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There are undoubted differences between a traditional and online degree, with the latter not restricted to a single location.

However a closer look at both shows that despite the many advantages gained from pursuing a degree online, both mediums aren’t that different from each other.

It is a mode that can be distributed via CD-ROMs or the internet and we have all at some point or another employed to get to grips with a new piece of software.

This is the practice of incorporating technology as a means of facilitating learning amongst multiple individuals.

Form dynamic study groups with other students to take on tough concepts as a team.

With support for video chat and screen sharing, it’s seamless to join a Flatiron-hosted session (with an average of 24 per week in our Online Web Developer Program), attend a student-led one, or to schedule your own and invite fellow students.The trend has also resulted in a wide selection of online schools popping up to offer more varied online degree programs.More established traditional schools and universities such as Yale, Stanford and Harvard may still receive universal praise for their standing in education circles, but a lot of online schools are quickly establishing themselves as key players in the education spectrum.Over the years she has worked in industries such as healthcare, publishing and immigration technology gaining knowledge in brand design, UX/UI, e-commerce as well as marketing.On the side, Agnes is continuously expanding her front-end development skills.Learn software engineering, data science, or UX/UI design and launch a new fulfilling career path.Flatiron School’s Career Courses utilize our immersive curricula to teach you the in-demand skills needed to launch a new career.Using his background in both data science and education, Rafael teaches our students how to fall in love with learning.Enoch is a Flatiron School online graduate, having completed the course when Flatiron’s online programs were fairly new.Git Hub, the world’s largest online code collaboration platform, is an essential tool for modern software developers – as well as their primary resume.is fully integrated with Git Hub: students submit assignments by pushing code to Git Hub, the same way professional engineers work.


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