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Before the start of examinations students of this class are given a farewell party by the next lower class. A platform was raised and chairs arranged in many rows. No doubt the new life, that is, college life, seemed more glamourous ahead of us but taking the responsibilities of new life seemed more difficult. Since the examinations were at hand so we could hardly lose any item in making long speeches and unnecessary formalities. He recalled the years long association of the outgoing class with the rest of the school and exhorted other class to follow the example of our class in the best traditions of the school. I was told to speak a few words other, which I did. Everyone seemed to be missing the school days on the one hand and looking forwards into the unknown land of future, all uncertain and vague.

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- I have seen some amazing essays about things like students walking their dog, or even their bus ride to school.

- I think our hope is that if a student were to drop the essay on the floor of their high school and someone were to pick it up. That they'd say for sure, oh I know that is so and so's essay, because it speaks so much about your voice and your experiences and your perspective.

- The essay is really neat in that it's one of the only places in the application where they have complete control.

Where they can write about the things that they've been involved in and things that they've done.

A stage was set up for speeches and cultural programmed. He told us that we would soon enter the field of life. He advised us to set an aim of our life and try to achieve it with fair means. He explained in detail, the advantages of simple living and high thinking. Then our monitor thanked the Principal, the teachers and the 11th class students for their good wishes. He recalled the guidance which we had been giving them from time to time. I deposited my borrowed books with the library and got a clearance certificate.

Under the shamiana, tables and seats were arranged for the students and teachers. He promised on behalf of his class fellows that they would keep in mind the lessons taught by the teachers. He said that though we were parting from the school this year yet they would join us next year in this great school of life – the world. The joyful attitude of my heart gave place to anxiety and seriousness. On that day we were given preparatory holidays for the Secondary school Examination. Since such functions are an annual affair, some solemnity is attached to them and students as well as teachers take part in it. Teachers s tint he front row and since I had been the monitor of my class I was also given a place in the first row. But soon my heart began to throb at the idea of parting.The students of class IX arranged a farewell party in honor of the outgoing students of class X. We left the school with feelings of joy and sorrow. We had a feeling of sorrow because we were leaving the class fellow as well as our junior companions. I recalled how we and played, read and sat together.- One piece of advice I would give to every student is to ask someone who know's them a little bit, to read their essay and to tell them what impressions they have of you after reading the essay.- I think the essays that work best are actually quite simple.As we entered the compo, the students of class IX welcomed us with cheers. We, in turn, garlanded our Principal who always treated us like his own children and the teachers who spared no pains in preparing us for the final examination We took our seats and the programmed started. I thanked the students of class IX for arranging a grand party. Teachers went round to supervise the arrangement and service done by the student so class IX. I advised them to try to keep the good traditions of the school in the fields of games, cultural activities and studies. - First and foremost when looking at an essay, you're going to be looking things like, their ability to write well and their appropriation for college.But we're also using that information to kind of see things like, their resilience and their love of learning and their intellectual curiosity.My Last Day at College Essay with Simple Quotation …my last day at college essay for 2nd year,my last day at college essay Essay on Knowledge is Power with Quotes (500 My Last Day at College Essay with Simple On Essay My Last Day At College Quotes - Search Quotes essay about service project On Essay My Last Day At College quotes - 1.


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