Mentorship Assignment

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A mentor can also serve as a sounding board as the new employee is assimilated into the company.

The mentor can help the continuing employee become more knowledgeable and effective in their current job.

It is offset by the mentor's general knowledge and experience in other organizations.

These relationships generally form when an employee reaches out to a more experienced colleague.

In a less frequently pursued mentoring relationship, an employee can reach out to a professional they admire who works in a different organization.

This mentor will lack the experience and understanding of the employee's current organization.The mentoring buddy is expected to do everything that he or she can to assist the new employee to become fully knowledgeable about and integrated into the organization.The buddy relationship can last a long time, and the employees may even become friends.Other mentoring relationships develop spontaneously and over time.All mentoring relationships are encouraged as research indicates that employees who experience mentoring are retained, learn more quickly, and assimilate into the company culture more effectively.These unassigned mentors are often a more experienced employee or manager who can offer the mentee (employee receiving mentoring) additional information that the employee wants or needs.For example, a product team member seeks out a mentoring relationship with the manager of the marketing department.A mentoring relationship frequently occurs between an employee and their immediate supervisor; in fact, this was the normal mentoring relationship in the past.These mentoring relationships are still encouraged, but it is recommended that employees and organizations pursue additional mentoring relationships.Mentoring is provided in addition to your new employee onboarding process and should have different content and goals.Many organizations assign a mentor as part of their formal employee onboarding process.


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