Medical Assistant Essay

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Medical Assistant Essay Helping A Friend In Need Essay

At the time, I was a single mother and I needed to find a way to make a decent living in order to support my daughter.More than 60% of the messages are usually conveyed through nonverbal means.Unfortunately, foreign hospital staffs do not have adequate ideas about the mannerisms and body languages (Gestures, facial expressions etc) of the Americans and they fail to understand the needs of the patients adequately.Because of the above problems in communication, Americans are not getting adequate nursing care in hospitals from foreign professionals.Many of the administrative and clerical works in the healthcare industry is currently outsourced to countries like India, Philippines Pakistan etc.If someone is really sick, then I’m quiet and calm, and I just take care of them. You have to be a good multi-tasker, that’s crucial to the job. Medical assistants are health care workers who help healthcare professionals in administrativeand clinical tasks.He is doing everything possible to discourage American organizations from outsourcing.As mentioned earlier, lot of clerical jobs in the health sector are outsourced because of the shortage of qualified medical assistants in America.You’ll lose your skills if you don’t get hands-on experience. The first time one of my patients died, I was crushed. But in an outpatient practice your experience with patients isn’t as concentrated as it is in a hospital. But you have to gauge the patient’s personality and match their mood. You see your patients once a week, once a month or twice a year. Sometimes if I get the sense that they’re talkative and outgoing, then I ‘m chattier.


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