Mary Louise Pratt Arts Of The Contact Zone Thesis

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Max learns about the Vietnam War, about Latin America, and even Latin, through his interests in people and plays. Blume and even wrote a play about it; he learns about Latin America through Ms.Cross, and about Latin from his friends at the library.In this model, a generation is brought up on a set of values and doctrines which they are expected to replicate once they leave the schools they go to.

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In exploring the “Article of the Contact Zone”, and the movie Rushmore, in which a teenage boy goes through various life experiences and learns a lot about life and academics, I seek to bring out the relationship between culture, contact zones, and learning models in education.

A “Contact Zone” is a term which was coined by Mary Pratt.

His relationship with his teacher and alumnus friend teach him about life love, revenge, and so forth.

While he lacks in the capacity to grasp various academic concepts; and even seems to lack interest in the beginning, he has impacted other people’s lives through his positive attitude to life and the activities he loves to engage in; he is an optimist.

This is a model of education which treats school as a cultural womb.

This means that schools are places in which students are nurtured, and then set to think about various aspects of life.Under oppression, according to Pratt, her son reacted the same way the Incas did; trying so much to either work around authority or resist it.While teaching some students about the contact zone, Mary Pratt indicates that it brought about pain and joy as they learned.The more Max learnt about the people he met, the more he got interested in the subjects and topics they talked about with him. Max is just like Sam because Sam learnt more history, geography and so on, through baseball.The more he knew about baseball, the more he got interested in the elements associated with it.While looking into the Incan and Spanish case, Pratt gives a story of the relationship of the natives and the Spanish colonial powers and how the Spanish authority over the Incas brought about a new culture in the community(Pratt).The concept of transculturation is brought about; in which the oppressed, in this case, the Incas, chose what to adopt from the Spanish culture, and ignored the rest.From this example, along with the other one involving the Incas (they were colonized by the Spanish and oppressed by the colonizers.They chose to learn the things they thought were of benefit to them in the process), it is evident that culture and extracurricular activities plays a significant role in ensuring that people learn about the world and relate to one another. He learns things and various subjects through his interests; in his case, the extracurricular activities he engages in.In the movie Rushmore, Max is a troubled teenager who goes through life as a different person from the people who are his age.His grades are not good but he is good at extracurricular activities.


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