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On publication of the article, all authors of the manuscript will receive a web link, which directs you to the published article on the Journal website.Journal of Immunological Sciences requires authors to carefully choose the appropriate article type for their manuscript. Research Article: A Research article reports the new results of original scientific research within the journal’s scope. Generally these papers are expected to include Title, Abstract, Keywords, Background/Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, List of abbreviations used (if any), Competing interests (if any), Authors' contributions, Authors' information, Acknowledgements, Funding, Endnotes (if any), References, Illustrations and figures (if any), Tables and captions (if any), and Additional supplementary files (if any).

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A case report is generally of one or two pages in length.3.

There is no required page limit for a review article.5.

Mini-Review Article: It is similar to that of review article except in terms of word limit & References.

The subject matter covered by the journal is the same for all categories.

Some journals also have a "review" category which includes papers which are not original research. This will depend wildly on the field and journal in question.


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