Leaving Cert English Essay Tips

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“If you take the last year Boland came up and subtract it from the last year Longley came up, you get 10.

Wyn Mc Cormack These tips are for students with dyslexia who find the English Paper 1 in the Leaving Certificate the most challenging paper of the whole exam.

If that just sent a shiver down your spine, you’re not alone.

Thousands of Irish people will be revisiting very specific memories of the English papers over the next few days.

If your reading is slow or you have to reread several times to get the full meaning of the text, this is a way to reduce the amount of reading and save time. Support your answer with reference to both the (A) content and (B) style of the written piece.

After answering the A question, go to the B question. Having a clear structure helps your answer to be targeted to what you are being asked. One approach is by numbering / highlighting the tasks asked in the question. The instruction to you is ‘Do you agree with the statement’?

Examples include words such as: Firstly, Then, Next, Finally, Since, However, Nevertheless, Thus, Therefore, etc. OPENING SENTENCE AND INTRODUCTION Your opening sentence should address the question. EACH PARAGRAPH Each paragraph should deal with one IDEA only.

You may have more than one idea or angle on your one idea but you must be precise and clear. Again these tips are for the students who may blank when faced with the choice of composition or find they don’t write enough, write off the point, structure the essay poorly or run out of ideas or time.

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