Kite Runner Essay On Sacrifice

Hassan (played by newcomer Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada) serves Amir (played by newcomer Zekeria Ebrahimi) cheerfully.

He is the all-sacrificing Christ-figure, the one who, even in death, calls Amir to redemption.

The betrayal of both characters was due to the flaws in their character not because of the master/servant relationship.

It’s Amir’s cowardice and Baba’s egocentric nature that caused them to betray the people that cared about them the most.

Baba never wanted to get rid of Ali and he considered him a brother.

Amir was afraid to admit that Hassan was his friend and was always making fun of Hassan when he didn’t understand things.

Spoiler Alert The movie begins with a phone call to the now-adult main character, Amir, played by British/Egyptian actor Khalid Abdalla, who has been hiding a shameful secret for over 25 years.

The voice over the phone lines urges him that This leads me to question what it takes to be good again. Christians are taught that redemption is solely brought about through Christ’s sacrifice? Is it possible that a symbolic act on Christ’s part can, in fact, save all of us from all our sins?

If Baba had told Amir that Hassan was his brother Amir might have done something to help Hassan when he was getting hurt.

If people knew that Baba was Hassan’s father no one would have hurt him because of how intimidating Baba was.


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