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But his trademark absent-father-redeemed storyline was played out with both the dinosaur characters (protective parent seeks lost baby T-Rex) and the human ones (Ian Malcolm grows closer to his daughter and to girlfriend/mother figure Sarah Harding). It also strongly reinforced his don't-mess-with-nature message.

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When Timmy was up in the tree, I noticed that the sound of the rain changed, but it was still there.

It sounded like the rain was just dripping down from branch to branch.

In Jurassic Park, the characters' sense of awe when first encountering the creatures is palpable and incredibly effective, principally because it mirrors the audience's reaction.

In The Lost World, not even different types of creature, a greater use of CGI or new, dino-virgin characters could match that initial marvel that awed an entire world.

Significantly, the T-Rex is brought back to the USA by what Nick (Vaughan) calls the "cowboys": men who've violently intruded on (semi) natural territory.

Which in a Jurassic Park movie, is the surest way to end up as dino dinner (second only to going to the toilet, it would seem).At first you do not notice them because the way they are used is very subtle.For example, when the scientists are in the scene where the dinosaur eats the cow, you do not notice the buzzing sound that the electrified fence makes. This is important for later on in the movie when all the power is turned off.You cannot hear the fence later on in the movie when all of the power is turned off.Also, in the scenes when they are being attacked by the T-Rex it is raining.Old B-movie tribute gags abound in its King-Kong/Godzilla ending.Ian Malcolm — who we first see here mid-yawn, echoing the roaring dinosaur's jaws — is an enjoyable wise-cracker, quipping sardonically in even the most stressful situations. ' That's how this all starts," he spits sarcastically to his wide-eyed colleagues when they first encounter the dinosaurs.As for lack of suspense, this was perhaps a comment better directed toward the arguably less involving plot, than to individual scenes.Take the scene when Sarah, Ian and Nick are hanging over the cliff edge in the jeep.You would not really notice the sound of the rain unless it wasn't there.You would be asking questions about why the sound of the rain wasn't there.


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