Is Homework Bad For Students

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If that is the case then the student might feel stuck at home with no idea what to do.

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“And then I have to do my chores and stuff, and homework on top of that.

I don’t really try on my homework because I’m so tired.”As stated by the Centers for Disease Control, “Consistent with prior reports, our study shows that the percentage of students obtaining an insufficient amount of sleep increased as students progressed from grades 9 to 12.”This decrease in sleep will begin to lessen the productivity of the student when they actually have to work.

With the stress of homework, some students cannot find a job because there is no time to fit work in, further hindering a student’s progress to financial success for college and to buy other necessities that school requires.

“I try not to give a ton of homework, but honestly, there isn’t enough time in a period to do all of the things we need to do sometimes,” English teacher Calah Kulm said.

Having a massive amount of homework is a very stressful thing to take care of, especially if the due date is approaching quickly and a student is struggling the whole time they attempt to do it.¨It makes me feel like I can’t do anything at all, like a mid-life crisis,” said Gretchen Hinchcliff, part-time Running Start student at CWU and a junior at KHS.

“And it often stops me from doing work until last minute, so overall it makes me feel really bad about myself.”Also, students who participate in sports will be the students to stress the most when it comes to homework because they are physically and mentally exhausted after practice, and because they have little to no time to do it.“I feel really drained when I get home from practice,” junior and football player Joseph Girard III said.“We need to define more precisely what expectations we have of the potential of homework and how these expectations can be fulfilled.”While this study reinforces the positive academic and social aspects behind assigning homework, previous research has shown that homework can also be detrimental to student development if too much of it is assigned at a young age.In a 2015 study published by the National Education Association (NEA), researchers from Brown University found that Kindergarteners averaged nearly 25 minutes of homework, with the load increasing in subsequent years.Only with the right information will you have enough data to make the correct decision.With that thought in mind, here are the top 10 disadvantages of homework: It is known that home-based assignments can cause an individual to experience depression, which in turn can drastically reduce the quality of one’s life.Also, if they actually choose to sleep, they will have an even bigger pile of homework to deal with after.Many students in their first period classes can be seen almost half asleep on their desks and are not very enthusiastic when it comes to starting a long day of school.Not getting enough sleep is an epidemic among teens that starts in middle school and progressively gets worse throughout the years of their high school career.Kids and teenagers could use the many hours homework takes to complete to have fun with their friends and family and make memories, so their young years aren’t just a boring memory in the back of their heads.Lara Mc Aneny, a New York state educator and recent winner of the Helmy El-Sherif Teacher to Harvard Award, says that homework should always reinforce key skills that are learned in the classroom, never be assigned punitively, and consider different family dynamics.“For younger students, I don’t think there should be more than 20-30 minutes of homework that they can do by themselves, and if teachers aren’t providing them with a task that can be done independently then I don’t think that’s helpful to the family dynamic because it does add stress,” she tells Consumer Affairs.“Some kids don’t even see their parents because they’re working full-time or working late, so to then have them come to class with homework that’s wrong or incomplete, it might just be that they have no one there to support them, and then they’re being penalized at age 8 or 10 for something that’s completely out of their control.”Mc Aneny concludes by saying that homework is a tool that can help students become lifelong learners, but it should never be used so extensively that it takes away from other meaningful developmental time.“Not only do young children need time to play, develop their social skills, and get outside and be active, but they’re also exhausted," she said."To expect them to sit down at the table as soon as they get home after a long school day just really defies common logic for that age level and what’s developmentally appropriate,” she said.


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