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Genetically, for example, the child of an obese parent is 50 percent likely to be obese or overweight (Guo and Chumlea, 147).

This increases to 80 percent probability if both parents are obese or overweight.

"The increase in portion sizes of these beverages is important because studies consistently show that when people are offered larger portions they simply consume more without recognizing it and without compensating for the increased consumption by decreasing intake later." Dr.

Farley writes that the food industry is effective at marketing foods with a high-profit margin.

"How should government address the health problems caused by this successful marketing of food?

To do nothing is to invite even higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and related mortality." He suggests one option is to encourage food companies to voluntarily alter their products or marketing to reduce health risks.

There is a difference between overweight and obesity.

Overweight refers to excess body mass index as defined by the ratio of the height to bone, fat, muscle, and water. Both, however, result from a caloric imbalance; the calories expended are too few for those consumed.

Long-term effects include the likelihood that the individuals will be obese in their adulthood.

This places them at an even higher risk of adult health problems.


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